Enfield 1871 dated Snider Sergeants Carbine chambered in .577

Enfield 1871 dated Snider Sergeants Carbine chambered in .577

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This is a rare Enfield 1871 dated Snider Sergeants Carbine (Short Rifle) chambered in .577. This actual gun was seize from the Taliban by a serving member of the British armed forces whilst on deployment in Afghanistan. As part of military procedure on arrival back in the UK it was taken to the Birmingham proof house and live proofed (which it passed) and was then issued with a "certificate of proof ". Of considerable interest, note the hammer that has been hand repaired. Incredibly it retains an original war department marked cleaning rod. The action is still perfect working order. The Short Rifle has a 30.5 inches (77 cm) barrel and two barrel bands with iron furniture. This variant was issued to sergeants of line infantry and rifle units, hence the name "Sergeants Carbine".

Chambered in an obsolete calibre it can be owned live without any form of license.

It is being sold as a collectors piece only. Although legally permitted to be put on a firearms license the bore does have some pitting in places. The rifling is in reasonably good condition.

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