I&W Richards, London boxlock flintlock pistol

I&W Richards, London boxlock flintlock pistol

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This is an original I&W Richards, London boxlock flintlock pistol, circa late 1700s. J&W Richards were a very well known maker of high quality fires from this period, producing guns for the British military and for commercial sales. It has London proofs and is in perfect working order with working safety. The calibre measures around .44 of an inch, around 11.7mm. This type of pistol was carried by British Gentry as their personnel firearm and could be easily concealed in their waistcoat or pockets.

This historic flintlock is chambered in an antique obsolete calibre and can therefore be owned live without any form of license. The bore is in very good order. It can be cocked, stripped and dry fired. The action is still tight and crisp and locks back on half and full cock.

It is not deactivated in any way and is being sold as a collectors piece only.

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