London Armory Snider Rifle

London Armory Snider Rifle

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Rarely seen an all original London Armory Company (L.A.Co) manufactured Snider, chambered in .577. L.A.Co. made Snider's were held in high regard by the British military and were purchased by them in preference to other contractors. The London Armoury Company was established in 1856 with the sole intention of producing military arms for British War Department, as well as export markets. The board of directors and shareholders in the company consisted of some of the 19th century most prestigious and renowned British gun makers, they included Archibald Hamilton, Robert Adams, Richard Ashton, James Kerr, John Deane and William Harding. These world renowned gunmakers were responsible for some of the 19th centuries most famous gun designs and there development. It is well documented that during the US Civil War, and after negotiations with Caleb Huse, that L.A.Co would supplied the Confederate armies with its entire rifle production.

All visible parts are marked with London Armory makers mark. The stock and receiver have the legendary British gunmaker name James Kerr & Co. The hand cut chequering is still incredible crisp with no blemishes.

This lovely example can be owned live without any form of license. It has a full working action and is in good working order. Chambered .577 in obsolete calibre.

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