RARE B Cogswell Percussion Pepper Pot or Pepper-box pinfire five shot pistol.

RARE B Cogswell Percussion Pepper Pot or Pepper-box pinfire five shot pistol.

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A superb antique Pepper Pot or Pepper-box percussion five shot pistol. It is marked with the retailers name and address " B. Cogswell, 224 Strand, London". The side plate reads "Improved Revolving Pistol". Benjamin Cogswell was based at this address from 1841 to 1863 retailing high quality firearms to military and private individuals. The barrels bears London proof stamps. It chambers a very large round that measures around 0.55 (14mm). This revolver was designed for a gentleman with large hands! It is a big gun!! The barrels measure just over 4.5 inches in length. The craftsmanship is excellent with very fine high quality hand cut chequering to the grip and ornate hand engravings to the metal work. It also features a safety lever behind the hammer and a "trap door" storage compartment in the base of the pistol grip.

The original design dates back to the 15th century, but in the late 1700s the concept was better utilized using the flintlock action, and by the early 1800s the pepper pot was being produced using all manor of firing systems including percussion, rimfire, centre fire etc. They were produced by European and American gun makers and widely used by military and civilian personnel, and in many conflicts including the American Civil War.

This superb and rare revolver is chambered in an obsolete calibre it can be owned live without any form license. It will cock, strip and dry fire. The bores are in good condition and the action is firm and crisp and indexes every cycle.

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