Rare Obsolete Calibre Winchester Model 1894 - WWI Era

Rare Obsolete Calibre Winchester Model 1894 - WWI Era

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An absolutely mint condition US Winchester model 1894 carbine, chambered in 32-40. Possibly one of the best examples in the country!! The serial number 834716 dates to 1918 production and it is one of only 16,200 made that year! . The model 94 is one of Winchester's most successful models and was even procured by the US army during WWI. It utilises the innovative John Browning design in its action and has remained pretty much the same ever since. When first released it was only available in two calibres .32-40 & .38-55. It is one of the all time classic Winchester under levers!

The bore is in excellent condition, and action is still super crisp and smooth. The woodwork is in a class of its own....  Examples of this age and quality are rarely seen in the UK. A very desirable and collectable Winchester. This rare rifle is chambered in an obsolete calibre and can be owned  without any form of license. It has a full working action.
Legal to own in the UK and is being sold for collection purposes only.

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Product Code: RARS8