RARE Wilkinson Percussion Musket

RARE Wilkinson Percussion Musket

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A rare British, Wilkinson percussion rifle chambered in .702, Circa 1852. This beautiful rifle features a full stocked with an incredible Damascus barrel with ramrod. The steel lock border is line engraved and inscribed with the makers name "Wilkinson". The trigger guard, ramrod tubes and butt plate are brass. This example is believed to be a development model used in trials to find a lighter alternative to the Pattern 1851 Minié rifle musket. It has some unusual design features. The trigger guard has a square hole in it and at the base of the action the wood work has another unusual hole and bracket. These may have been used for a nipple chain and a rear sight assembly. It would appear to be a very unique feature to this particular rifle. This historic rifle has a full working action, and is chambered in an obsolete calibre, therefore can be owned live without any form of license.

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