US Civil War Era, Allen & Wheelock .32 Rimfire Side Hammer Revolver

US Civil War Era, Allen & Wheelock  .32 Rimfire Side Hammer Revolver

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An original US Civil War era Allen & Wheelock .32 Rimfire Side Hammer Revolver, circa 1859 to 1862. Allen & Wheelock only made this model during the US Civil War and are estimated to have made around 1,000 or so. They produced three basic models with several different variations within these models. This example is one of those sub-variants found within these models and shares similarities with the second and third models. The frame and spindle release catch are found on the third model, however the foresight blade fitment and slopping/chamfered top strap are usually found on the second model. Often manufactures would use up existing or spare serviceable parts to complete pistols and contracts. During this period weapons were in high demand by both Confederate and Union armies and there was money to be made! These pistols were used by US forces during the Civil War, sometimes as a secondary or back-up weapon.

 The action is still crisp and it indexes every time. It has a six shot capacity and 4 inch rifled barrel.

The overall condition is still very good and completely original. The bore and chambers are in very good condition. The rifling is very strong throughout.

A real collectors piece. It has a full working and will cocked, stripped and dry fire.

It is not deactivated in any way and is being sold as a collectors piece only.


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