US Civil War Manhattan .36 calibre percussion revolver.

US Civil War Manhattan .36 calibre percussion revolver.

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An original US Civil war production Manhattan "Colt Navy" .36 calibre percussion revolver. Manhattan Firearms Company was established by a committee of businessmen in 1856 in preparation for the expiration of Colt revolver patents that was due to expire the following year. Production first began at the Manhattan facility in Norwich, Connecticut but by 1859, production had been moved to a new facility in Newark, New Jersey. The Manhattan versions were nearly identical to the Colt revolvers, so much so that the Colt concern moved in with a lawsuit to prevent their production. Manhattan made several variants within this run. This example is the Series III that was first introduced in September of 1861 with approximately 30,000 examples made. Serial numbers ran from 14,500 to 42,200, this example is number 34,267 dating to 1863 and has all matching numbers with its original finish and wooden grips. Many of these revolvers were used during the US Civil war.

The overall condition is still very good and completely original. The bore and chambers are in good condition with strong rifling in the barrel.

A real collectors piece and a rare revolver. It has a full working and will cocked, stripped and dry fire.

It is not deactivated in any way and is being sold as a collectors piece only.

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