Very Rare US Remington Rolling Block Rifle Issued to New York State Militia

Very Rare US Remington Rolling Block Rifle Issued to New York State Militia

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This is a very rare US manufactured Remington Rolling Block rifle which was issued to the New York State Militia (NYSM), circa late 1860s early 1870s. 

After the US Civil War, with more than enough firearms in its inventory, the Regular US Army wasn’t enthusiastic about purchasing new designs. As the era of the muzzle loading rifle came to an end, the Feds were more interested in converting their existing stocks to breech loaders. When the Army finally decided to adopt a new breech loader, several models were tested, and in spite of the high performance of the rolling block, the Army went with an in-house design very much like the conversions.

New York, however, was not bound by what the Regulars did, and so ordered 15,000 Rolling Block rifles from Remington, with a follow up order of an additional 4,500 a couple years later. The Remington Rolling Block would serve New York until the 1890s, and one source indicates rolling blocks served with NY Militiamen deployed out West during the Indian Wars.

The New York rolling blocks had some special features. The state specified these had to have a half-cock safety, but what really stands out is the rifles exaggeratedly long hammer spur and large side located breach block lever, a feature only found on NYSM rifles. The reason for this design feature was that it was easier to handle the rifle whilst wearing think winter gloves. The rifle carries the maker's name and patent dates on the top tang of the rifle and the stock has the correct carcouche on the left hand side. Another distinctive marking is found on the butt-plates where the company that it was issued to is found. It reads "10 K 22" =  10th Regiment, K Company. Weapon 22. 

K Company was raised during the latter stages of the US Civil War and in the early 1880s K Company was changed to C Company.

The Remington "Rolling Block" action was, and still is one of best and most robust rifle designs ever made. They are, to coin a phrase, bullet proof!!!

This example still has a crisp tight action and the bore is in very good condition.

This historic and rare rifle is chambered in 50-70, obsolete calibre and can therefore be owned live without any form of license.

This rifle is being sold as antique collectors item only. It is NOT deactivated in any way.

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