Deactivated Colt Walker .44 Percussion Revolver

Deactivated Colt Walker .44 Percussion Revolver

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This is a rare US made Colt 1847 Walker .44 percussion revolver - 2nd Generation with a very low serial number and all matching numbers. This 2nd Generation Walker was made by Colt in the USA and is not an Italian copy! The demand for Colts most iconic revolvers was so great that they starting making them again in limited numbers during the latter part of the 20th century. The vast majority were sold within the US with only handful having made it to the UK. A rare opportunity to own a Colt made Walker, a real collectors piece.

The Walker was the most powerful hand gun in the world, until the .44 magnum arrived. If Dirty Harry had lived in the 1800's this would have been his gun of choice!!! It's huge! The barrel is 9 inches long. The blued finish is in great condition with engraved cylinders, cased hardened frame, brass pistol grip and trigger fitted with Walnut grips.

Deactivated to current specifications with clear chambers. The cylinders will index correctly when the hammer is cocked back.

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