Deactivated Dutch M1873 Revolver

Deactivated Dutch M1873 Revolver

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This is a military issued Dutch Model of 1873 revolver that was made by WDW (Werkplaats Draagbare Wapenen), circa 1897. At first glance this would appear to be a New Model 1873, however on closer inspection it is the "Old Model". The revolvers serial number confirms this as does the military date of issue - 1897. The New Model revolver serial numbers were made in batches of 1000 with a letter prefix, with production starting around 1908, however the Old Models did not follow this system and serial numbers continuing well into the 12,000 range and with no letter prefix. Originally this revolver had an octagonal barrel that was replaced some time around or after 1908 with a more current New Model round barrel. WDW manuafactured Old Model revolvers were only produced from 1897 to 1898 with only 728 made in total. The numbers 91 below the date 1897 denote the 91st regiment. The M1873 revolvers saw long military service from 1873 until 1940.

Deactivated to current specifications with clear chambers that will accept inert rounds and full moving parts.

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