Deactivated RARE WWII US M2 Carbine

Deactivated RARE WWII US M2 Carbine

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This is a fascinating WWII US M1/M2 transitional carbine. Originally manufactured by Inland in November 1944 (barrel date code 11- 44) as an M1 carbine it was subsequently converted into an M2 configuration. The M2 was the fully automatic version of the M1 carbine that introduced in the latter stages of WWII. Note the receivers  designation "M1" has been over stamped with the a number 2 and on the left side of the correct woodwork it has the cut out for the fully auto selector lever. Also remaining is the correct rear sights and bayonet attachment. Only a handful of these factory transitional conversions are known to exist. Post WWII this carbine remained in Europe and was put back into the M1 configuration for use in the commercial market. A rare find!

Deactivated to current specifications with tensioned cocking lever and trigger.

This carbine is available and is currently at the proof house being certificated.

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