Deactivated WWII Battle of the Bulge Era US M1A1 Carbine

Deactivated WWII Battle of the Bulge Era US M1A1 Carbine

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This is a rare genuine WWII US M1A1 carbine from the first batch ever produced during World War Two, and is one of the most completely original examples you are likely to encounter! All M1A1 carbines were made by the Inland Division of General Motors in two runs, both of approximately 70,000 guns. This example is from the first batch produced between late October 1942 to December 1943. This one is dated 4-43 (April 1943) and is correctly marked on the barrel, reveiver and trigger mechasim with the Inland name. The serial number 739211 also falls within the correct block of allocated serial numbers for the M1A1. The Walnut woodwork was unique to this model and to verify its authenticity it must have the following markings and details. This carbine is fitted with the correct early "Highwood" stock that was fitted on the first batch. The most obvious is cut-out on the left side of the stock. Both upper and lower woodwork are marked with the makers initials OI - Overton Inland (only OI made the woodwork), P proof stamped at the rear of the stock above the pistol grip. Cross cannons on the base of the grip, though often illegible due to wear and the depth of the original stamp when struck into the wood. On the folding stock butt-plate are the numbers B257614 which should be cast with a logo of a sunburst in a circle followed by a drawing number between 3 and 12. This example has drawing number 8. The leather cheek piece is often missing, damaged or replaced, with this example being intact and having the correct three riveted fastening studs holding the cheek piece in place with oil bottle. Finally, the gun and woodwork should show signs of wear and tear from active service, for example dents and bruising caused by the butt-plate constantly knocking against the left side of the stock - as can be clearing seen on this one. It also has the soldiers initials "M E" carved into the right side.

A great many of these early M1A1s saw service during WWII, initially only issued to 101st and 82nd airborne units in late 1942, and eventually to all airborne units and Marine Corps. During one of the most famous battles of WWII, the Battle of the Bulge in the winter of 1944, the 101st airborne defended the town of Bastogne from German forces. Film and photographs taken from this battle clearly show German soldiers armed with captured M1A1 carbines. With only 140,000 ever made those that have survived and remained intact are seldom seen, especially here in the UK.

A real collectors piece...!

Deactivated to current specifications with tensioned cocking lever and trigger.

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