Deactivated WWII Bren MKI 1943

Deactivated WWII Bren MKI 1943

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This is a Second World War Bren MKI by Lithgow, dated 1943. Lithgow only made 17,429 Bren MKI & MKIm's throughout the entire war, starting in 1940 and ceasing production in 1945, and producing by far the fewest of any of the Bren manufacturers. The Bren is one of the classic WWII British and Common Wealth machine guns, they were used on all fronts throughout the war. Leading weapons and WWII experts have stated over the years that without the Bren the outcome of WWII would have been very different, such was its importance. Post WWII this one was used for training and drill purposes. The painted sections made it easily identifiable as a non firing weapon.

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