Deactivated WWII Sten MK2 - Silenced

Deactivated WWII Sten MK2 - Silenced

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This is a WWII Sten MK2S fitted with silencer with canvas sleeve and No2 MKI pistol grip. The serial number starts with a letter E this indicates that it was assembled at Enfield who supplied the SOE - Special Operation Executive with this model during WWII, and was introduced for use by them during the war. During this period of development the War Department, SOE and Experimental Station 6 were trialing various methods of silencing the Sten MKII. This particular type, developed by Lt Wikter Aleksander and Col. Henry Townsend Icke proved most successful and saw widespread use within Special Forces and resistance units. Only an estimated 5776 Mk II(S) Stens were manufactured during the war. Often mistakenly presumed the letter S actually stands for "Special Purpose " and not silenced.

Deactivated to current specifications with moving trigger and bolt section. The magazine housing can be rotated.

This Sten is available and is currently at the proof house being certificated.

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