Deactivated Long Barrel PO8 Luger

Deactivated Long Barrel PO8 Luger

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This would appear to be a very rare and unusual Luger variant of which very little is known. It has many unique features that are not found on any other Luger. The most obvious is the lack of markings. Only the toggle is marked "DWM"  and the serial number of 27. There's no imperial or other countries acceptance / property stamps, date codes or numbered parts etc. The wording behind the safety lever is very intriguing and reads "Sicher" this translates as Secure in German, this usually reads "Gesichert" which means Secured. Another very unusual feature is the lack of lanyard hoop at the rear of the frame, again virtually all Lugers were made with this with only a few special contacts / orders having it positioned elsewhere. The sear bar is also non-standard in shade with a curved edge, most are more angled. This Luger has definitely been used with pitted to the underside of the barrel and around the pistol grip. This leads us to conclude that it was either part of a very small special contract, private purchase or possible a trials pistol?


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