Deactivated Rare WWII K98

Deactivated Rare WWII K98

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This is one of rarest late WWII K98 variants. The receiver is coded DOT 1945, however in 1945 Waffen Werke Brunn changed their receiver codings to "dou.45" and "swp45". During the transition from the DOT 1944 code small quantities of rifles that were already coded "DOT" had the 1945 date stamp added. Another very unusual feature on this example is the Nazi acceptance stamp Eagle over WaA107. DOT were assigned Eagle over 63, this would indicate that this K98 was completed at or by a different manufacture, or possible at a repair depot. The rifle also lacks Nazi acceptance Waffen stamps but instead has just the final Eagle proofs stamps on the right side of the receiver and on the floor plate. The additional markings are German commercial proofs; Crown over U and Crown over U. This K98 was eventually captured by Czech forces and  bears their proof / property markings; Rampant Lion - which is stamped partially over and below the Nazi Eagle WaA107 and E3 underneath. A fascinating K98.

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