Deactivated WWII era Iranian Contract Mauser M1898/36 Rifle

Deactivated WWII era Iranian Contract Mauser M1898/36 Rifle

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This is a rare WWII era Iranian contract Mauser M1898/36 rifle. The inscription on the chambers is in Arabic, with the National emblem or coat of arms of Iran stamped on top. This rifle is based on the WWI German Gew98 with a few subtle differences, two examples of this are the foresight protective wings and threaded bolt securing the barrel band. As the rifle designation suggests, Mauser supplied these rifles to Iran in the mid to late 1930s and early part of WWII. The three line inscription on the stock refers to the weapons serial number and the word "Infantry" is marked below.
Often forgotten Iran was invaded in 1941 by Anglo-Soviet and UK forces. The invasion code named 'Operation Countenance', was a surprise attack which took place between 25th to 31st of August 1941 and was largely unopposed by the outmatched Iranian forces.

Deactivated to current specifications with moving bolt, trigger and removable magazine.

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