Deactivated WWII German MG34 DOT 1945

Deactivated WWII German MG34 DOT 1945

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This is a late world war two German MG34 machine gun that was made during the last few months of the war. These late war guns were often used to arm the die hard fanatical SS troops and the Volkssturm "people's storm" to defend the motherland from the impending Allied advance towards Berlin. It is maker mark "dot" - Waffenwerke Brunn and is dated 1945 with matching numbers to receiver, top cover and barrel jacket. Often observed on these late war examples, manufacturers were using any remaining parts to assemble guns. Parts were shipped in from sub-contractors and other arms factories to help with completions of serviceable weapons. Note the guns late war parkerized finish. Bluing was far more time consuming and not important. Also of interest, the stock has been issued at least three times whilst in service. Once allocated to a gun the old numbers were struck out and new ones added.

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