Deactivated WWII Nazi ZB37 or MG37(t) heavy machine gun

Deactivated WWII Nazi ZB37 or MG37(t) heavy machine gun

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This is a rare Nazi ZB37 or MG37(t) heavy machine gun with Czech Lafette "ZB308" tripode number 32. The gun has low serial numbers of 1859 & 2175  and has a Nazi marked bolt and assemble. These superbly engineered weapons were issued exclusively to SS divisions during WWII. Produced under German occupation from 1939-42, it was incorporated into German small arms nomenclature as the MG 37(t). Very few were produced under German occupation as it was slow and time consuming to make. Only around 6400 were issued to the "first" line Waffen SS and Polizei units, being mounted to tanks and armoured vehicles as well as a ground mounted machine gun. Interestingly it was also adopted and manufactured under license by BSA Ltd (Birmingham Small Arms) under the designation BESA machine gun as a vehicle-mounted machinegun. It really is a beautiful piece of engineering and exudes quality. A rare chance to obtain a WWII classic. Would make a great display or centre piece.

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