Deactivated Bulgarian AKK Type 3 (AK47)

Deactivated Bulgarian AKK Type 3 (AK47)

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This is a Bulgarian "AKK" Type 3 (AK47) with makers code number 10 within two circles, circa 1960s. This variant was manufactured under license by Bulgaria and is pretty much identical to the Russian AK47, with a milled receiver. Bulgaria being a communist block country was given permission to manufacture the AK47 to supply its own forces as well as other counties and military forces. This variant is the first type they manufactured, with production starting in the mid 1950s. US and British troops often find them selves on the receiving end of these formidable weapons in Afghanistan and Iraq. This one has the owners name "Matic" scratched into the pistol grip and stock.

Deactivated to current specifications it can be partially stripped.

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