Deactivated Colt M16A1

Deactivated Colt M16A1

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This is a superb condition US made Military issue Colt M16A1 with selective and automatic fire, chambered in 5.56mm. Only military issue weapons have the full auto option. Possible the most iconic US modern day assault rifle. It needs little introduction. First introduced in the early 1960's it is most commonly associated with US soldier and the Vietnam War. They have been used by US in just about every military engagement since and are still in service today. Widely used throughout the world by various military, special forces units, including our own SAS and SBS units, and selected police forces. This example dates to the early / mid 1970's. The 9,000.000 serial number range started in the 1970s. This one is number 9,285.567 and is still in great condition with its crisp factory parkerized finish and unblemished plastic furniture.

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