Deactivated RFI 2A1 Carbine

Deactivated RFI 2A1 Carbine

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Rarely seen, this is the RFI (Rifle Factory Ishapore) 2A1 carbine. Very similar to the British No5 Jungle Carbine. They were designed using the SMLE MKIII as its platform utilizing the same action, stocks and wood work. The main difference is the calibre, it was instead designed to use the more affordable and then current NATO 7.62mm (same as the SLR). They were only ever produced in limited numbers with only around 500,000 produced over an eight year period from 1963. This stunning example is dated 1967 with matching numbers including the bolt. Deactivated to current specifications with moving bolt and trigger, it is fitted with the correct 7.62mm magazine.

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