Deactivated SAR 80 Assault Rifle

Deactivated SAR 80 Assault Rifle

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This is an SAR80 -  Singapore Assault Rifle that was a collaboration between British arms company Sterling Armaments and Chartered Industries of Singapore. The SAR 80 utilises Sterlings own 5.56mm assault rifle design called the LAR - Light Automatic Rifle that they has been woking on in 1970s and had been put on hold when they received a licence to produce the all new Armalite AR-18. The SAR80 shares many similarities with the M16 and AR-18 family of 5.56mm assault rifles and uses the same magazines as the M16. This example is in great original condition with unblemished plastic furniture and "crackle" finish to the receiver.

Deactivated to current specifications with tensioned cocking lever / bolt carrier that will return under pressure.

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