Deactivated WW2 Bren MK2 Dated 1943

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This Inglis made Bren MK2 dated 1943 was being built in preparation for the D-Day landing and the subsequent invasion of Nazi occupied Europe. The Bren was used on all fronts during the war and was an excellent weapon that could be used in all types of conditions and is often over shadowed by the infamous German MG34 & MG42. Whilst the German's were over engineering and machining to very high tolerances, the British kept it simple. The 34 & 42 could fire more rounds per minute and were formidable weapons. But, this high level of fire came at a price, barrels would over heat, this meant it had to be well maintained. The Bren on the other hand could cope with sustain fire until barrels glowed red, had a far simpler action and was much more portable with an easy and quick box magazine for reloading. Well drilled soldiers were trained, and could strip Bren's with eyes closed. I rest my case! This Bren has been deactivated with a working action.

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