Deactivated WWII Colt M1911A1

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If you are looking for Second World War issued Colt 1911A1 that has definitely been there and done it, then look no further! This example shows all the signs of a gun that saw extensive service during WWII and after. It was made by Colt in 1943 and would have been issued into service with the US military shortly after. We know that it saw service because it is stamped with the initials "SA". This is the refurbishment stamp for the Springfield Armory who were contracted to rework/repair/refurbish guns that returned from WWII. Clearly, this pistol would have not left the SA workshops in this condition and therefore must have continued in service where it aquired its worn patina finish and bumps and bruises. A great many 1911's were used during the Korean and Vietnam wars. We suspect this is the case with this one. If only it could talk......!!!
Deactivated very sympathetically.

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