Deactivated WWII Japanese Type 38 Rifle

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This is a rare Second World War Japanese Arisaka Type 38 rifle that was originally issued to Japanese forces after which it was captured by the Chinese and converted to 7.9mm. During WWII the Chinese suffered greatly at the hands of the imperial Japanese army but inevitably defeated them as Japans war effort became untenable due to huge loses of men and materials. As a consequence the Chinese inherited large quantities of captured Arisaka rifles and carbines. However the Chinese used 7.9mm ammunition and set about converting these rifles into this calibre. To make identification easier they stamped the calibre “79” on the receiver. These rifles were designated as “79 Type “ within the Chinese army. The original wartime Japanese serial number and Koishikawa (Tokyo) arsenal symbol were left intact making it identifiable as a wartime rifle. This one has had a chunk carved out of the stock and still has its bolt dust cover. A fascinating rifle that saw service with both allied and axis forces.

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