Deactivated WW2 Russian DP28 Machine Gun

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This is a WWII Russian Ruchnoy Pulemyot DP28 (Degtyaryova pakhotnyi), dated 1942 with matching numbers. The DP28 was the first originally developed Soviet machine gun which appeared in 1926. The prefix 'DP' indicates a 'Degtyarev' machine gun for infantry use. This gun was made whilst Russia was reeling from the invasion by Nazi forces in 1941 (Operation Barbarossa) and looks to have seen active service. A good indication of this is the Russian armourers re-numbering of the stock. The DP saw extensive service throughout WWII and can be seen is use with both Russian troops but also in the hands of German soldiers if captured. The distinctive drum or pancake magazine gained it the nickname the "Record player" by Soviet troops.
Ironically wartime stock piles of DP28's are now back in frontline service with Ukrainian forces fighting against Russia.

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