Deactivated WW1 British Officers Webley MK6 .455 Revolver

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This is a 1917 dated Webley & Scott MK6 .455 service revolver. The revolver is covered in broad arrow acceptance stamps and has factory matching numbers to frame, barrel and cylinders. The grips are also original First War issue with the characteristic broad arrow stamp within the diamond centre section. The MK6 still remains synonymous with the British officer as he leads his men "over the top" out of trenches wikth revolver in one hand and whistle in other . A great many MK6's were re-issued for the Second World War. Note the repair to the frame. A good indication that it saw active service. After the wars this revolver was deemed obsolete and "sold out of service" by the British military who stamped it with two broad arrows stamps facing each other to indicate this. Deactivated with a working action.

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