Deactivated WW2 Captured Bren MKI

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This is a rare WWII German captured British Enfield made Bren MKI. The German armorers have machined off the date stamp, serial numbers and inspection marks before refinishing and renumbering this Bren. The numbers 522 are quintessentially Germanic as is the electro-stenciled number on the trigger assembly and barrel release catch. The calibred remained the same in British .303 although this Bren has been fitted with a very rare Nazi marked magazine. This Bren would have been issued during the latter stages of WWII to members of the Volksturm - "people's storm" to help defend Berlin as the Allies advanced. Original footage filmed during the latter stages of WWII clearly shows members of the Volksturm armed with all manner of captured weapons including British Lewis Guns, French rifles and Czech machine guns etc. In an inonic twist the German's armed the sections of the Atlanitc defensive wall with captured Brens.

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