Deactivated WWI & WWII Dated SMLE MKIII*

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Deactivated WW1 & WW2 Dated SMLE MK3

This is a First World War issued SMLE No1 MKIII* .303 rifle, dated 1917 that was made by B.S.A. After surviving the Great War in 1920 this SMLE was part of a contract of rifles that were supplied to the South African Police. The stock strap bears the 1920 refurbishment stamps and the receiver has the Union of South Africa ownership mark, a U with a broad arrow acceptance within. The brass disc is correctly marked SAP = South African Police, weapon number 4935. In 1945 this rifle was re-barreled and stamped "/45" with a broad arrow acceptance to the right of this and the inspectors stamps on the left. This would indicate that it was still in use during WWII. A fascinating SMLE that saw active service through both world wars and the inter war period. All visible numbers are matched including the bolt.
Deactivated to current specifications with moving bolt and trigger. The magazine is removable and contains several inert .303 rounds.
This historic rifle is available and is currently at the proof house being certificated.

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