Deactivated WW2 US B.A.R. Browning Automatic Rifle

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This is a great example of a US made Second World War American Browning Automatic Rifle. It was manufactured during WW2 by New England Small Arms Corporation who were a consortium set up during the war to produce the M1918A2 B.A.R. for the US military. The consortium consisted of civilian and military companies who made parts for final assembly at Crompton, Rhode Island facility. N.E. Arms made just 188,380 M1918A2 rifles by the end of the war afterwhich the contract ceased. Very few in gun terms when you consider millions of 1911A1's and rifles were made over a similar period. This example still retains its original wartime dated barrel dated 3' 45 = March 1945. We know that this BAR saw active service and that it returned to the US after the war where it was serviced at the Augusta Arsenal and stamped with the initials "A A". Augusta Arsenal were contarcted to repair / rework / refresh weapons that returned from WWII duties. Deactivated to EU/UK specifications with tensioned charging lever and trigger. The trigger selector can move through its three positions.

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