Deactivated RARE Early Production WW2 Bren MK3 PARA

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This is a rare find! a first year of production WW2 Bren MKIII. The MKIII was first introduced in 1944 with an initial batch of 8,000, all of which were made by Enfield. They were serial numbered from LB1 to LB8000. This very early example is number LB1831, meaning it is gun number 1,831st . The MKIII was a lighter and shorter variant of the MKII designed primarily for jungle and airbourne "Para" use. Visually it has a short lighter barrel and stock. Many found their way into British infantry units during the latter stages of the war, being ideally suited for use in the close confines of house to house fighting when clearly towns and villages. After its usefull service this Bren continued life as Drill Purpose weapon and was stamped "DP" being used for training new recruits. Deactivated with a working action.

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