Deactivated Super Rare Chilean Contract Vickers Machine Gun - 1 Of Only 10 Ever Made

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This is a super rare Chilean contract Vickers machine gun chambered in 7mm with its original feed block. It is one of only 10 water cooled Vickers guns obtained by the Chile Government in the late 1920s. The serial number of this gun is from a batch of just 5 that are noted in the latest edition of the Vickers machingun book. We have included the paragraph from the book which states that serial numbers from 84665 to 84669 were supplied. This gun is no 84667 from that batch. The book also states that one of the guns from the batch of ten is currently held by the VMGCRA (Vickers Machine Gun Collection & Research Assocation) - A fine bunch of chaps and who have viewed this gun! The whereabouts of the other 8 is unknown or if they still exist! Note the unusual makers initials on the water jacket. V.A.ER (Vickers, Armstrong, Erith). With only ten ever made, and only two currently known to exist in the UK possibly the world? that on this occassion we feel its safe to say that you are unlikley to see another one for sale here in the UK!!!  If you collect Vickers machine guns or want one of the most exclusive guns of its type then this is the one to have! Deactivated with a working action.


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