Deactivated Kalashnikov AKM (AK47) Assault Rifle

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This is an Egytian made Kalashnikov AKM (AK47) Assault Rifle with folding stock dating to 1991. Egypt's primary in-house manufacture is the Maadi Company, Factory 54 in Cairo. Egytian made Kalashnikov's have the reputation for being made to the highest quality and for this reason alone have found their way into many communist states and regimes around the world. Iraqi forces used them during the Gulf War (1990-1991). Egypt has been involved in many military skirmishes over the years. One of the most recognizable was the Six-Day War fought between Israel and an Arab coalition including Egypt. Also, the War of attrition, another war fought between Israel a coalition of Arab nation states. The Maadi is still used as the primary rifle for the Egyptian army and is currently seeing action in ongoing intervention in Yemen, Libya, the Sinai, and in local political violence. This variant with folding stock has been used by airbourne and group units.
Deactivated to current specification with sprung loaded bolt carrier, moving safety lever and trigger. It can be partially stripped.

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