Deactivated RARE Vigneron M1 SMG

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This is a rare early production Belgium manufactured Vigneron M1 Submachine gun dated 1952. The M1 was first introdcued into military service in 1953 with around 21,300 being produced in the first year of production however, the following year saw several improvement upgrades made afterwhich it was re-designated as the M2. This M1 is a very early example being number 1,713th but is also somewhat of an emigma within the transition from M1 to M2 models. The magazine housing still has the M1 designation, this was normally over stamped with a "2" once the upgrades were made however, the rear sight, magazine dust cover catch and front sight cover are all M2 upgrades. The Vigernon is one of the only Belgium made military guns that was not be made by the world famous FN (Fabrique Nationale) but instead by Précision Liégeoise SA. The M1 & M2 proved to be a very successful machine guns and were used widely by Belgium forces but also with British soldiers who have been pictured armed with them. Inevitably some fell into the hands of terrorist and guerrilla groups. We have included a picture of an IRA soldier armed with a Vigneron taken on the streets of Ulster during the Troubles in Northern Ireland. Deactivated with a working action. Included is a leather sling and the correct M1 marked magazine. The adjustable stock has a built-in barrel cleaning rod on the right leg.

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