Deactivated WW2 British Vickers-Armstrong manufactured MKI machine gun

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This is a First World War dated Vickers MKI Machine gun with tripod and accessories. The gun was made by Vickers, Armstrong, Crayford (V.A.C.) in July of 1918. V.A.C. started the F series Vickers in June 1918 and had completed serial numbers F2801 to F4040 in July of that year, and this example is number F3538 from that batch. This gun survived the Great War and was refurbished in 1934 and stamped accordingly on the right side of the forward tripod mounting pin hole as pictured.The gun is mounted on a 1934 dated tripod with a matching numbers cradle of 411. The tripod still has remnants of the wartime paint on the body. Also included is an original brass water-cooling / condenser brass adaptor and contemporary rubber hose, WWII Foresight Deflection Bar or windage sight with canvas pouch, a period correct petrol can and "jungle pack" wooden ammunition box with a WWII dated 250 round belt containing 40 inert .303 rounds.
The refurbishment date stamp of 1934 on this gun is of great significance. Hitler had come to power 1933 and immediately started a more aggressive programme of rearmament in preparation for WWII. The UK Government had deep concerns of what was happening in Germany and in reponse had started to bolster its own stocks of weapons.
A truly fabulous centre piece to any collection or display. The Vickers is one of the most iconic British infantry wepaons seeing service throughout both World Wars and for decades after.

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