Deactivated Vickers Machinegun - Metralhadora M/930 - One Of Only 50 Ever Made!

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This very rare Vickers machinegun is one of only 50 ever made! During the inter war period Portugal decided to make the Vickers in-house and after purchased a surplus production line from Vickers-Armstrong set up its own fascilty at Fabrico de Braco de Prata. In 1930 an initial run of just 50 guns were made, serial numbers N1 to N50 all chambered in British .303. The Portugese designation for this model was the "Metralhadora 7.7mm M/930". After these 50 guns were completed the factory was then shut down until 1939. The build quality of these guns is considered better than most. The Portugese focus was on quality and not quantity. This gun is number N34 and has the Portuguese makers initials "FBP" - Fabrico de Braco de Prata stamped on the barrel jacket. The barrels water jacket is unique to this model and is slightly thicker than the standard Vickers made examples. Prior to WWII Portugal procured weapons not only from the UK but also from Nazi Germany, and in 1939 started making the Vickers again but this time in German 7.92mm designating it the "Metralhadora 7.9mm M/939". 
Although remaining neutral for the majority of WWII, in 1944 Portugal sided with the Allies allowing the United States to establish a base in Santa Maria in the Azores. In the 1970s all of Portugal's stocks of Vickers were declared surplus and were either broken for spares or sold off making those that survived that much rarer!! Its safe to say that you probably wont see another one! Included is a bespoke transit chest numbered to this Vickers and a 1937 dated Tripod. A fabulous set.

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