WW2 German MG42 Lafette

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This is an early production WWII German MG42 machine gun Lafette. The carriage is stamped with makers code FSU - Brandenburger Fahrrad und Motorrad Werk, Exceisier and is dated 1942. The serial number 596 would also indicate it is an early carriage with no letter suffix, meaning it is carriage number 596th from that years production. The search fire mechanism was made by "cql" in 1941, this would suggest that this Lafette was originally manufactured for an MG34 machine gun but was then converted for an MG42. The conversion was implemented as the much quicker to produce MG42 took over and replaced the aging MG34. It has the spare bolt compartment,  the correct early machined aluminum optical sight mount for attaching a MG Z sight, and range fire table. The elevation knob rises and lower the rear of the cradle and the legs are fully extendable. Nazi acceptance stamps can be found on the majority of parts. Great for displaying your MG42 on. It can be fully collapsed with its original leather carry pads. All parts function as they should. Included are leather carry straps.

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