Deactivated WW2 US M1 Carbine

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This M1 Carbine is from the very first batch produced by Inland Manufacturing Division of GM during WW2. The very first block of serial numbers allocated to Inland ran from 6 to 999,999 (May 1942 to Sept 1943), this gun being number 355,836. The barrel date stamp of 4-43 (April 1943) also confirm this. That means that this is the 355,830th M1 Carbine ever made! The first 5 guns made by Inland were "Tool Room Models" and not issued. These early M1's were among the first to see active service during the war, not only in Europe, many also saw service in the Pacific fighting the Japanese and for these reasons are rarely encounted in the UK. The stock bears the US crossed cannons ordnance acceptance and the initials GHD for Guy H. Drewry - cheif of inspection for the US Army. 
 Deactivated to current specifications with a tensioned charging handle and trigger. Included is a sling and several inert .30 rounds in the magazine.

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