Deactivated 1886 Martini Henry Rifle

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This Enfield made Martini Henry rifle originally started life as a military issued MKI chambered in .577 after which it was upgraded to a MKIV. Note the Roman numeral V is smaller and has been added to the designation. The number 1 below signifies it to be a first class weapon, meaning it was issued to frontline troops. After useful service the British War Department sold off large quantities of surplus Martini's into the civilan market. Many were then converted into small bore .22 calibre rifles,  C.G.Boneshill, Birmingham being one of the companies who carried out this work. This one differs from most by virtue of retaining the original military markings, most are often found with these markings scrubbed off.
Deactivated to current specifications.
This Martini is available and is currently at the proof house being certificated.

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