RARE WW1 Police Issued Weimar Nazi Luger Holster

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This is a rare First World War PO8 Artillery Luger holster converted and re-issued to the Weimar  / Nazi police. The maker is Julius Arnade, Moys with a dated stamp of either 1917 or 1918. This holster was originally made for an artillery Luger but after the Treaty of Versailles was signed in 1919 Germany was no longer permited to have pistols with barrels any longer than 10cm. Germany then started reworking its stocks of artillery Luger holsters to fit the standard PO8's to arm its police forces. The other name stamped under the flap is Essen, which is one of the known names / companies found on these reworked holsters.  Note the stitching holes where the artillery Luger cleaning rod compartment once was and the positioning of the flap tang - only found on Artillery Luger hosters. On the back of the holster are the initials "S.D.IV." this is an abbreviation for the Prussian police (Schutzpolizei) Duesseldorf district, command 5. The following numbers are the item numbers, and on this particular holster it's been assigned twice whilst in service. The first being no 1025 and then no 6991. These unit markings confirm that this holster was in service with the Weimar  / Nazi police from 1922 onwards. The majority of the Weimar police forces were later amalgamated into the SS, SD and SiPo - this included the infamous Gestapo (Secret State Police). A fascinating holster that saw service in both world wars and the inter war period.

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