WW1 SMLE 1907 Pattern Bayonet and Scabbard

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This is a unique 1917 dated British manufactured 1907 Pattern Bayonet with scabbard for the SMLE rifle. Dated "7'17" - July 1917 the bayonet has several unusual and unique features. Firstly, to the left of the date stamp above the Sanderson Bros & Neobold makers name are the faint initials "SM". Currently we can find any plausible explaination as to what they stand for or signify? The same initials were used during WW2 by Singer Manufacturing Co. who made No4 bayonets! The most obvious visual difference are the grips. They have had slot hand cut into them with the intention of giving the user better grip. This may have been done by a soldier for use in the trenches or if stationed in a hotter climate such as the Far East. This type of modification is sometimes seen on the woodwork of WW2 British Thompson's, again to aid grip. The scabbard is also date stamped and broad arrow stamped.

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