Deactivated Enfield manufactured Heckler & Koch MP5 - Special Forces

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This is a very rare British manufactured Heckler & Koch MP5 Submachine gun, chambered in 9mm. This example is marked with the initials "EN" for Enfield who supplied them to the British army for used by the SAS & SBS. It was capable of selective and fully automatic fire with this one dated 4/72 = April 1972. The bolt head is dated August 1971 but more importantly its marked RSAF = Royal Small Arms Factory meaning it went through inspection at the Enfield factory prior to being issued. They were most famously used by the SAS during the 1980 British embassy siege in London and during the "Troubles" in Northern Ireland to name but a few. They are still in service and use by special forces units, police and swat units around the world today. This particular example has a very interesting past!!! Deactivated with a working action. Included is a H&K double magazine clamp, two magazines both containing in 9mm rounds and British issued sling.


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