Deactivated WW2 Mauser-Vergueiro M1904-39

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This is a WWII Mauser-Vergueiro M1904-39 K98 variant. As the model designation suggests it was first adpoted in 1904 and was built by DWM specifically for the Portuguese, with 100,000 made in total. In 1939 Portugal adopted 7.92mm as its new calibre and then converted its existing stocks of 6.5mm rifles redesignating them as the "Espingarda 8mm m/1904-39". This is one of those rifles. Note the scollop in the receiver to allow for the longer 7.92mm cartridge to be extracted. This example has matching numbers to the bolt, receiver, woodwork and floor plate assembly etc. The serial number starts with an A prefix which would also indicate it to be an early production rifle. Included in an original leather sling, cleaning rod and correct bayonet with scabbard. Plus 5 inert 7.92mm rounds and clip. Deactivated with a working action.

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