Deactivated WW2 No5 Jungle Carbine First Year Of Manufacture

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This is a rare early first year of production Second World War British Lee Enfield No5 Jungle Carbine. The receiver is marked No5 MKI (F) 7/44 - Fazakerley July 1944. The serial number 8960 has no letter prefix which confirms this to be from one of the first batches of 9,999 carbines ever made by ROF Fazakerley. Incredidibly this rare example has all visible matching numbers including the bolt, which is also the correct lightened type fitted to the No5, and a very rare matching numbers factory converted SMLE magazine. Note the spine of the magazine has had the lower guide section machined off.  It is fitted with the early milled rear sights and has a lighened / scolloped barrel and receiver, features that are only found on this model. Early examples like this were among the first to see active service being issued and deployed to troops in Europe, the Middle East and fare East. A fabulous example of one of the rarest of the Lee Enfield rifles. Only in production from 1944 until 1947. We have included the serial number format from Ian Skennerton's book which details serial number 8614 from the same batch as this carbine. Included are five 1944 dated inert .303 rounds with clip and correct period sling. Deactivated with a working action.


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