Deactivated WW2 New Zealand Issued Bren MK1m

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Rarely encountered, a New Zealand issued Second World War Inglis made Bren MKIm dated 1942. This Bren was issued to Commonwealth troops during WW2, namely a New Zealand regiment and marked accordingly. Commonwealth forces fort alongside the British and were invaluable, and without them the Allies would have almost certainly struggled to win the war. In comparison to most other Allied forces, New Zealand had a very small army with around 140,000 personnel deployed during WWII. Making these marked weapons fairly scarce however, finding an all matching numbers example is even more of a rarity!  The Bren retains its factory matching numbers to the barrel, receiver, trigger assembly and barrel release catch and matching issue numbers applied by the Kiwi armourer of 3328. Note the field repaired to the bipod legs. Both of the extendable legs have been brazed on. A simple and quick solution. The bolt is also marked NZ. Deactivated with a working action.

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