Inert Sectionalised WWII US M83A2 60mm illumination round

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Inert Sectionalised WWII US M83A2  60mm illumination round. Dated 3-43 (March 1943). Possible used as an educational or demonstration piece during the war. It is a fascinating item and would be an excellent display piece.

The round consists of a body tube, a tail cone assembly, an illuminant charge, a parachute assembly, a time fuze, a fin assembly with four increments of propellant charge, an ignition cartridge, and a percussion primer. The nose of the thin-walled steel tubing body is fitted with a steel adapter and internally threaded to accept the fuze. The cone is fitted with an internally threaded adapter to accept the fin assembly, and is attached to the body tube with four equally spaced shear pins. The illuminant assembly, which consists of a first-fire charge and an illuminant charge, is contained in a boxboard casing which is attached to the parachute with a suspension line. An expelling charge directly below the fuze, ejects the illuminant and parachute assembly.

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