extremely Rare WWI SMLE Issued to The Mechanical Transport A.S.C

extremely Rare WWI SMLE Issued to The Mechanical Transport A.S.C

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This is an extremely rare First World War issued SMLE MKIII that was isssued to the Mechanical Transport. Dated 1908, it was made by Birmingham Small Arms Company of which only 50,000 were made by them between 1907 to 1909. That's an average of just 16,666 per year. With the exception of the rear sight all visble numbers are matched including the bolt and woodwork. The brass disc reads "4.12 69 MT  A.S.C. 24." and is an abbreviation for April 1912, 69th Mechanical Transport, Army Service Corps, weapon number 24." Prior to WWI the 69th MT were initially attached to the 3rd (Lahore) Division but later attached to 16th (Irish) Division who in December 1915, moved to France, joining the BEF- British Expeditionary Force and spent the duration of the war in action on the Western Front. 

Mechanical Transport - Each Division of the army had a certain amount of motorised transport allocated to it, although not directly under its own command. The Divisional Supply Column Companies were responsible for the supply of goods, equipment and ammunition from the Divisional railhead to the Divisional Refilling Point and, if conditions allowed, to the dumps and stores of the forward units. A Company initially comprised 5 officers and 337 other ranks of the ASC, looking after 45 3-ton lorries, 16 30-cwt lorries, 7 motor cycles, 2 cars and 4 assorted trucks for the workshop and stores of the Supply Column itself.

The brave men who served in the Mechanical Transport. A.S.C. were subject to constant attack from Axis forces during the Great War and needed to be armed to defend themselves. This rifle was one of those guns used and is a very rare survivor indeed!

This historic British SMLE is chambered in .410 smooth bore with an unrestricted magazine and can be owned on a section 1 firearms license with the correct variation.

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