German Faschinenmesser (Fascine Knife) Type 1 sword

German Faschinenmesser (Fascine Knife) Type 1 sword

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This is a German Faschinenmesser (Fascine Knife) Type 1 sword with its original leather scabbard and brass fittings. It has a cast brass hilt with a straight guard and a slight S curve to the ends. The cross guard has reversed quillons, grooved grip, and dove-tail pommel with exposed capstan hilt. On the ricasso is the royal Cypher for Friedrich August II, King of Saxony 1836-1854 and on the reverse the makers logo of P.D.L. (Peter D .Luneschloss of Solingen). The regiment abbreviation 12.A.F.7.10. is stamped on both sword and scabbard. This is believed to be of the 12th Artillery Foot Regiment, 7th Company, weapon number 10. who served during the Great War.

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